Our services

We provide a wide range of audio visual production services

studio rental

Indoor or outdoor locations. Indoor studios: 3 locations, 12 studios with an overall space of 1200 m2.

Production Equipment rental

Cameras, Lenses, Monitors and recorders, Production supplies, Lightning, Audio, Accessories.


Corporate team photography Product photography Commercial photography Event photography Social media photography

Live Action video production

Live Action, Social media videos, Promotional Videos, Corporate videos, Testimonial videos, Commercial advertisement, Interviews Review videos Educational Videos Documentary videos Training/ Instructional video Entertainment Videos Event Coverage Live streaming Photo Montage


2D and 3D animation Infographics and motion Graphics Stop motion videos. Whiteboard videos

Post-production services

Video Editing, Sound Editing, Graphic Designing, Voice overs, Color Grading, Content moderation.

Branding Strategy

Logo design, Brand messaging, Brand positioning, Brand voice, Style guide, Social Media Branding.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing, Social Media Moderation, video/photo moderation, Text moderation.

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